Mattress Support

A quality mattress base is essential for laying a solid foundation for your future.

Think about how cracks appear in the walls of your home when you have foundation problems. That comparison can also be used with your back if you don’t have a quality mattress foundation to properly support your spine.

Part of choosing the best mattress is finding the proper support for it with a sturdy bed frame and durable foundation. Remember, we’re only as good as the legs we stand on. At Sleep Solutions Plano, we want you to always get a good night’s sleep.

We offer a mattress and foundation set and also the mattress foundation only if that’s all you need to complete your bedding needs. We have traditional bed foundations in our store but also feature two adjustable bed bases.

Adjustable bed bases

Adjustable beds for many years were only found in hospitals. But now, more people are using adjustable bed bases at home to improve their sleep quality.

A primary benefit of adjustable beds is that it allows for natural curvature of your spine during sleep. Adjustable bed foundations also help you to evenly distribute pressure over your entire mattress and prevent strain on your body.

Our adjustable beds allow you to adjust the sleep surface to the angles that reduce strain on your back, spine and hips and they also promote proper circulation. This helps to prevent tension on your muscles and joints and contributes to a healthier, more rewarding night’s sleep. Our adjustable beds allow for head and foot adjustments.


Mattress bases

Glideaway Motion 500 Massage Adjustable Bed Base

This mattress foundation allows you to pick just the right comfort angle with its wireless remote and dual, three-speed massage option.   Queen bases starting at $1289

Glideaway Motion 200 Adjustable Bed Base

This sleep system features an ultra-quiet motor, a wireless remote with a one-touch, lay-flat option and comes in a grey upholstery.  Queen bases starting at $999

Traditional Foundation

We have a variety of 9-inch bed foundations that make for a durable, sturdy and affordable option to support your mattress.