Sleep in Style

We have a wide variety of queen mattress and king mattress options to fit your need. Also, our inventory includes full mattresses, twin mattresses and twin XL mattresses.

We feature three primary mattress types: a traditional innerspring coil, an all-memory foam and a hybrid version. Each mattress design has its advantages:

  • Traditional innerspring coil: The traditional coil mattress remains the industry standard. This mattress offers more support. Back-sleepers and stomach-sleepers often prefer a coil mattress.
  • All-memory foam: The contouring comfort of memory foam mattresses is appealing to some, especially side-sleepers. Some enjoy that melt-in-your-mattress feel. Also, if you have a restless partner, a foam mattress helps with motion transfer. So, you won’t get that boat-is-rocking feeling when your partner hops out of bed.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid mattress can offer sleepers the best of both worlds. They include an innerspring system and memory foam layers. Back-sleepers and stomach-sleepers also tend to gravitate toward a hybrid mattress.

We also have a deep inventory of PostureGel mattresses, including an extra firm option. The PostureGel mattresses are easily transported because of their Bed in a Box option. They’re roll-packed and can be shipped anywhere.


Choice in Comfort

We understand your mattress preferences will vary, so we urge you to visit our store and try each of these styles to find the right fit:


Euro-top mattresses feel soft. They’re very similar to a pillow-top mattress, with a plush top layer sewn on for added softness. But Euro-top mattresses differ because an extra layer of padding lines up with the edges of the mattress, which gives the bed a more boxy, uniform appearance. A Euro pillow-top mattress doesn’t feature a top that’s visibly separate from the rest of the design.


A plush mattress is also soft but firmer than a Euro top. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest, a plush mattress would average about a 3. A plush mattress is a softer surface but still provides good support. Side-sleepers often find a plush mattress more satisfying because the surface better supports their shoulders and hips to keep their spine in alignment. But back-sleepers also find a plush mattress the right fit for their comfort because it provides ideal lower-back support.


Firm mattresses offer more support for those of you who struggle with back pain. Firm mattresses aren’t as soft as Euro or plush styles but still a very comfortable option. A mattress needs to provide the right support for your body weight, size and shape. So, a heavier person will need a more supportive mattress. Stomach-sleepers often find firm mattresses a good fit for them. A firmer bed will provide more spine support and help keep your hips in proper alignment.


Sleep Soundly

PostureGel 1800 Euro Pillow Top

The mattress’ innersprings sleep up to 28 percent cooler than foam, according to research by Kansas State University.

Chiro Dreamer Jumbo Plush

This double-sided mattress features ½-inch PostureGel-infused memory foam that provides dependable support to reduce motion transfer.

Edge 9000 Hybrid

The Edge 9000 Hybrid offers three zones of comfort with quantum coils primarily on the edge and the center-third of the mattress. It’s a cooler, more durable option.

Featured benefits

Quantum Coil Mattress

You’ll rest easy on our quantum coil mattresses that provide multi-zone support. Their edge-to-edge coil design ensures a more balanced sleep surface and provides you with extra support in that all-important, center-third region of your mattress.

Environment Friendly

Our manufacturer’s CertiPUR-US certification provides peace of mind that the materials in our mattresses have been tested to meet rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance and durability. Our mattresses feature natural, renewable and sustainable fibers that provide antibacterial benefits.

Tufted Mattress

Tufting is an important part of the mattress manufacturing process. It’s used to hold together the layers of a mattress. Tufting ensures no artificial fluff with your mattress and extends the longevity and integrity of the product. It keeps the layers from shifting and sagging over time.