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Quantum Coil Mattress

You’ll rest easy on our quantum coil mattresses that provide multi-zone support. Their edge-to-edge coil design ensures a more balanced sleep surface and provides you with extra support in that all-important, center-third region of your mattress.

Environment Friendly

Our manufacturer’s CertiPUR-US certification provides peace of mind that the materials in our mattresses have been tested to meet rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance and durability. Our mattresses feature natural, renewable and sustainable fibers that provide antibacterial benefits.

Tufted Mattress

Tufting is an important part of the mattress manufacturing process. It’s used to hold together the layers of a mattress. Tufting ensures no artificial fluff with your mattress and extends the longevity and integrity of the product. It keeps the layers from shifting and sagging over time.